One-to-One English Course at EIV Education

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One-to-One At Home

Personalizing the learning program brings outstanding efficiency, closely following learners’ reality and learning goals. The English course roadmap for both adults and children is specially designed to comprehensively develop 4 skills.

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One-to-One Online

Learning English with native teachers is easy through online connection platforms. The curriculum is specifically designed, has a clear roadmap and commitment, and maximizes cost savings for learners.

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One-to-One Group

Learn English with native teachers, save money when studying in groups. Tailor-made learning programs suitable to the level and goals of the group, ensuring quality output.

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Our Native Teachers

Native teachers from: UK, USA, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa, etc.
Teachers are experienced in teaching comprehensive English with 4 skills, capable of teaching many ages and creative in communication.

Implementation Process for One-to-One English Courses

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Why choose EIV Education?

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100% Native Teachers

  • Native English Teachers are from the UK, Australia, the USA, Canada, and so on with qualified, international teaching certificate: TESOL, CELTA, ITC, TEFL…
  • Teachers are managed strictly and replaceable if needed to not interupt the learning process.
  • Teachers’ work permits and teaching certificate meet the requirements.

Interact directly with native teachers

  • When studying One-to-One course at EIV, learners have time to interact directly, practice pronunciation, have a standard voice, and are easy to absorb, shortening their progress time.
  • Teachers are like a friend who can share a lot with learners about people, culture, life, etc.
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On-demand study program

  • With the One-to-One program, learners will interact directly with foreign teachers. Thereby, pronunciation correction, intonation and voice training will be adjusted in more detail and thoroughly.
  • At EIV, each learner’s learning program is built by training experts based on the entrance test, according to the needs of the learner who wants to learn. The program is written based on the international Cambridge and Oxford English textbooks.

Save time, study location on demand

  • You are too busy, don’t have much time to go to the center
  • You are afraid to move because of unfavorable traffic conditions
  • Optional study space: Online study, tutoring at home, company office or at a coffee shop according to student’s request.
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Suitable for many ages

  • For international students or students studying to settle abroad..
  • Supporting English language for students and international students according to the school program.
  • Supplementing knowledge, English skills, presentation and negotiation skills for working people.
  • Tutoring and supporting IELTS, Cambridge exam preparation or math and science programs according to the K12 program for international students.

One-to-One English Course Highlights

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What The Press Talk About Us

When mentioning EIV International Education Organization, many partners, colleagues and friends consider EIV a “Quality”, “Professional” and “Prestige” enterprise.

Frequently Asked Questions

One-to-One English course at EIV Education includes a curriculum that is developed by EIV’s training experts, taking into consideration the input level and output goals of the students. The curriculum is built to international standards, following programs from Cambridge, Oxford, and other reputable institutions.

The course will comprehensively develop four skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. With the benefit of studying directly with native teachers, students will have the opportunity to practice their English communication skills as if they were a native speaker.

At EIV, a comprehensive entrance test is conducted to assess the four language skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. The listening, reading, and writing skills will be assessed under the supervision of a trainer or through EIV’s website, while the speaking skill will be evaluated through a direct interaction with EIV’s trainer. The results of the test will be compiled and sorted by proficiency level, enabling the creation of a customized curriculum for each student.

If it is determined that the teacher is not suitable for the class, the school or center can provide suggestions for improvement. If the situation does not improve, the school or center may request a change of teacher within the first two weeks.

In case the student has a scheduling conflict, they should notify the Customer Care Specialist at least 60 minutes before the scheduled class. The missed lesson will be made up at a mutually agreed-upon time between the student and customer service.

At EIV, students have the flexibility to arrange their study schedule according to their personal availability and can choose a study location that they find convenient, comfortable, and conducive to learning.

EIV Education provides a learning program that is tailored to the students’ input level and output goals, as outlined in the training contract.

The cost of hiring a teacher will depend on various factors, such as the number of students in the class, the length of teaching in the month, the curriculum, and the requirements of the school or center for the teacher’s experience or qualifications.

Please contact our Hotline for more detailed consultation: 028 7309 9959