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Basic English Course

Comprehensively improve 4 skills, support your child in reviewing and practicing school programs, improving scores, preparing for summer camp, immigration programs, etc.

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Khóa tiếng Anh cho trẻ em căn bản tại nhà

STEAM Science English Course

Children learn English while exploring and experiencing practical fields: engineering, art, science, mathematics,etc. Project-based learning methods (learning through projects) helps children absorb knowledge more effectively.

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Comprehensive English Skills Course

The course helps children practice specialized skills: presentation, debate, in-depth writing skills, creativity, storytelling, etc.

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Cambridge exam preparation English course

Helps students confidently communicate well, expand vocabulary, develop skills: Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing according to the Cambridge YLE assessment framework (Starters, Movers, Flyers).

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What Will The Child Receive From This Course?

The course helps children to correctly pronounce English and develop natural listening and speaking reflexes.

To equip 200-300 vocabulary for kids about objects, family, people appearance and characteristics, etc.

Children are able to use single sentences, introduce about himself/herself and things around him/her.

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Children have acquired a basic understanding of grammar principles and the ability to use adjectives, verbs, and adverbs to describe objects and events in complete sentences.

Students will be provided full knowledge and well-prepared for taking standard tests, such as: Cambridge YLE Starters, Movers, Flyers.

English Learning Path for Kids

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Our Native Teachers

Native teachers from: UK, USA, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa, etc.
Teachers have a lot of experience teaching English to children, are able to teach many ages and are creative in their communication methods.

Cô Nga

Mẹ của bé Mai

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Nga’s Reviews

My two children have received English tutoring from EIV, and the elder one has already traveled to the US after studying. The younger one is also enhancing their English to join their sibling next year. I am highly pleased with the outcomes, and I extend my gratitude to EIV Education.

Cô Elsa lisa

Mẹ của bé Mai

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Cảm nhận của khách hàng

2 đứa con mình đã và đang học kèm giáo tiếp tiếng anh cùng với EIV, đứa lớn sau quá trình học đã đi Mỹ rồi, đứa thứ 2 cũng đang nâng cấp tiếng anh để đi cùng anh trai trong năm tới, mình thật sự hài lòng với những kết quả đạt được, cmar ơn EIV

Frequently Asked Questions

According to studies, children can start acquiring foreign languages as early as 3 years old. Children who are between the ages of 3 to 4 and can speak their mother tongue can start learning English. Parents are encouraged to start their children’s English language learning journey as early as possible, as this will allow them to absorb and learn the language quickly.

EIV Education creates individualized learning programs tailored to each age group, considering the children’s proficiency level and desired outcomes. For younger children, the emphasis is on expanding vocabulary, improving pronunciation, and speaking short sentences. As the children grow older, the focus shifts to enhancing grammar skills and refining all four language skills. EIV Education follows the international standards set by the Cambridge program and implements a curriculum that meets these international standards.

With One-to-One English course, the teacher will provide instruction directly at home, allowing parents to closely observe their child’s learning process and progress during each lesson. Furthermore, the Training and Customer Care department consistently evaluates the quality of teaching and the effectiveness of the course, and provides regular progress updates to parents through assessments and tests.

Parents can fully schedule the study time based on their child’s schedule and select the study location that their child is most comfortable and receptive in.

At EIV, a comprehensive entrance test is conducted to assess the four language skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. The listening, reading, and writing skills will be assessed under the supervision of a trainer or through EIV’s website, while the speaking skill will be evaluated through a direct interaction with EIV’s trainer. The results of the test will be compiled and sorted by proficiency level, enabling the creation of a customized curriculum for each student.

EIV’s teachers are experienced and have a high level of expertise in teaching English to children. In order to teach young children effectively, EIV has set strict recruitment standards to ensure that their teachers are capable of using creative and appropriate teaching methods.

During the learning process, the customer service specialist will closely monitor the student’s progress and handle any dissatisfaction with the teacher or program in a timely manner. Students have the right to request a change in teacher twice until they receive the best and most appropriate teaching quality.

Parents can proactively adjust the study schedule to suit their child’s learning needs. This can be done by increasing the length of each session, for instance, from 60 minutes to 90 minutes or 120 minutes, or by increasing the number of study sessions per week, for example, from 2 to 3. However, EIV teachers recommend that 90 minutes is the optimal time for children to absorb lessons effectively and 2 to 3 lessons per week is sufficient. If parents desire for their children to learn at a faster pace, such as to prepare for exams or for other specific reasons, EIV is willing to accommodate and adjust the length of lessons accordingly.

EIV Education provides a learning program that is tailored to the students’ input level and output goals, as outlined in the training contract.

The cost of hiring a teacher will depend on various factors, such as the number of students in the class, the length of teaching in the month, the curriculum, and the requirements of the school or center for the teacher’s experience or qualifications.

Please contact our Hotline for more detailed consultation: 028 7309 9959


One-to-One  – The Most Efficient Method to Learn English Today

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