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Joseph Holborn

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About Teacher

​Joseph Holborn – The British teacher has good energy, has experience teaching private schools in Thailand (similar to HAS), and has prepared his own lesson plan and PPT, he is okay with being at school all day. Experience teaching middle school but quite cheerful energy, can teach elementary school


I am experienced in planning, preparing and delivering my own personalised lessons in Math, English and Science for classes of 30-60 students in primary and secondary schools in Vietnam and Thailand. I always aim to make my lessons fun, engaging and easy to understand. Moreover, at my most recent school I developed an excellent classroom culture where the students motivate each other and celebrate their peers accomplishments. When teaching Maths and English I like to complete physical projects with the students that relate to what we are learning in that topic,. I also have experience writing and proctoring midterm and final exams both online and in person. 

➢ English tutor – English First (October 2022 – Present) 

➢ Teacher – Atlantic 5 star education ,Hanoi (January 2023 – May 2023) 

➢ Teacher – BFITs, SSP school (October 2021 – October 2022)

2021 TESOL 120 Hour Certificate – TEFL UK
2021 Beng (Hons) Electrical and Electronic Engineering – University of Sunderland


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