Tiaan Oosthuizen

Teacher Tiaan

About Teacher Teacher Tiaan Oosthuizen is highly passionate about teaching English. He has 8 years of teaching English experience in Vietnam, especially teaching young kids and teenagers. He performs well under pressure and enjoys every class he has been offered. He also take full responsibilities for all of his roles at schools and English centers….

Steve Finley

Teacher Steve Finley

About Teacher Mr. Steve Finley is a native teacher from Scotland with over 6 years of English teaching experience. He has an easy-to-understand accent and a cheerful and sociable disposition. Mr. Steve is known for his thorough lesson preparation and engaging teaching techniques. He exhibits patience and enthusiasm when working with students. His strengths lie…

Linda Murphy

Teacher Linda Murphy

About Teacher Miss Linda Murphy is a native Irish teacher with 5 years of teaching experience in Vietnam. She is capable of instructing various proficiency levels, with a special fondness for preschool education. She is approachable, with a gentle and expressive voice. Linda’s personality is pleasant and amiable, characterized by professionalism, punctuality, and thorough lesson…

Raphael Galuz

Teacher Raphael Galuz

About Teacher Mr. Raphael Galuz is a native American teacher with 6 years of English teaching experience. He specializes in instructing young learners, particularly in preschool and primary school levels. His teaching style is very modern and natural, characterized by excellent lesson preparation and a passionate approach to working with students. Mr. Rafa is approachable…

Tiian Louw

Teacher Tiian Louw

About Teacher Mr. Tiian Louw is a native teacher from South Africa, who is also young, dynamic, highly enthusiastic, and proactive in his work. He specializes in teaching young learners, particularly in preschool education. His pronunciation is accurate and easy to understand, making it suitable for both young students and those looking to enhance their…

Alina Banzar

Teacher Alina Banzar

About Teacher Miss Alina Banzar is a native teacher at EIV, known for her bright and appealing appearance, which makes her well-suited to teaching preschool and providing private lessons to children. She possesses the ability to be lively and create an engaging classroom atmosphere, making English learning an enjoyable experience for her students. With a…

Yulia Kazakova

Teacher Yulia Kazakova

About Teacher Miss Yulia Kazakova is a teacher from Russia who has a deep affection for children and a passion for educating and imparting knowledge to them. With over 2 years of teaching experience in Vietnam, she has received high praise for her work attitude. She consistently upholds a strong reputation for both herself and…

Roberto Gastaldon

Teacher Roberto Gastaldon

About Teacher Mr. Roberto Gastaldon is a native American teacher with extensive experience in teaching various proficiency levels. He is dynamic in his teaching approach, particularly excelling in courses for working professionals and effectively leading Business English classes. He is friendly, communicates harmoniously, and receives high praise and positive feedback from his students. Experience 2017-Today:…

Thea O’Callaghan

Teacher Thea O'Callaghan

About Teacher: Miss Thea O’Callaghan is a native English teacher from the UK, bringing nearly 5 years of experience in teaching various age groups and proficiency levels. Despite her youth, she has a bright appearance and consistently demonstrates enthusiasm and a passionate approach when teaching. Her voice is gentle, clear, and easy to understand. She…