EIV is a pioneer in employing, management, and providing quality native teachers for schools, businesses, and individuals. Especially, we are proud to be the largest source of teachers for many graduates and undergraduates in Vietnam. Through selective recruitment process and professional management, we can guarantee that our teachers will do their best to deliver the curriculum successfully as well as provide quality classrooms.



Quality teacher

  • 100% native teachers from English-speaking countries (US, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand…)
  • Teachers have a global teaching certificate
  • Teachers are experienced, professional and well-trained
  • In addition to their English background, teachers also have degrees in other majors, which are suitable for teaching High school and Middle school

Professional management

  • EIV will be responsible for teachers’ legal paper
  • We promise that the quality of the teachers and the teaching programs will be consistent
  • The schedule will be made based on the schools’ demands

Effective program

  • The curriculums will be designed based on the schools and students’ requests
  • Creative teaching methods will be used to deliver an active and productive classroom, which will vary to suit age groups.
  • Besides academics, students will also learn basic skills that prepare for their future such as presentation skills, career guidance, etc.




1st package: Full-time teacher

– Teaching hours: 20 hours/per week/per teacher + 15 hours of extracurricular activities and grading time

– Price: all-in (please contact for more information)


2nd package: Part-time teacher

– Teaching hours: depending on the school’s demand

– Price: Depend on teaching hours in (please contact for more information)





Beside providing native teachers as demand, EIV also provides different programs that will support schools in developing the English learning environment. These programs include English clubs, conferences, extracurriculars, field trips with teachers, etc. EIV also supports teachers in participating in school activities such as an open house, end of the year ceremony, special festivals, etc.



– University of Transport and Communications Hanoi

– Thăng Long University

– Hai Duong Medical Technical University

– Academy of Policy and Development

– People’s Security Academy

– Đại Việt Saigon College

– Twinkle Star kindergarten (Ho Chi Minh city)

– Tân Phú middle school – high school (Ho Chi Minh city)

– Phùng Hưng elementary school (Ho Chi Minh city)

– Trần Văn Ơn elementary school (Ho Chi Minh city)

– Kim Đồng middle school (Ho Chi Minh city)

– Lương Thế Vinh high school (Ho Chi Minh city)

– Children Centre Hanoi (Hanoi)

– Tâm Việt Mỹ English Centre (Buôn Ma Thuột)

– Sydney English Centre (Nam Định)

And more than 50 schools and English countries at Hải Phòng, Vinh, Huế,

Đà Nẵng, Quy Nhơn, Nha Trang, Đà Lạt, Cần Thơ…


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