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EIV International Education Group was established in 2009 with experience in the field of foreign language education and training. As one of the leading companies in providing native English-speaking teachers for foreign language training centers, schools and training programs such as One to one, English training for enterprises.

Impression, professionalism with outstanding teacher quality is the characteristic of the training program that EIV wants to bring to customers. We are proud of the proficient native English-speaking teachers who are ensured 100% native English-speaking teachers from the following countries: England, USA, Australia, Canada … have graduated from reputable universities, guaranteed to have internationally recognized English teaching certificates, and practicing certificates in Vietnam.

Each training program of EIV is based on the actual capacity of the customers as well as the purpose and requirements that the customer is aiming for.

Especially the One to One training program – a program built on the trend of the market, aimed at subjects who do not have much time, want to improve the ability of English in a professional way.

The students are selected for their convenient location with experienced and dedicated teachers. The students’s learning is losely monitored and the quality of teaching is ensured. This is considered one of the most successful teaching methods nowadays and EIV is fully confident with this advanced learning method.

In addition to the business, training activities, EIV is always oriented towards community activities. EIV’s social and charity activities have been highly appreciated, such as: English program for children at Dieu Giac Pagoda, Mai Chau Community Project, Volunteer International Organization (VEO) teaching English for children in highland …

Coming to EIV, customers can completely rest assured about the quality of service. We are always ready to become a companion along the way to develop the language and language training of customers

New way of training foreign languages ​​for enterprises

In the integration period, English became a mandatory language in order to connect with the global requirements. However, for many reasons, the rate of trained workers in the correct English standard is still open. So EIV Education Inc – Native English-speaking teachers are proud to offer One To One

A curriculum that you can rest assured when studying with 100% native teachers, each student is a different training program designed to meet the requirements and qualifications of each person. Study time is flexible, not affected.

In particular, the EIV’s curriculum is targeted at enterprises and organizations with a strategic vision to improve the quality of their staffs and affirm their brand.

And at Market Spotlight – HTV9, Mr. Nguyen Duy Thien An –Director of  EIV  in Ho Chi Minh City has exchanged views on the English language training market, the services and training programs that EIV wants to bring to the customers.

Customer’s success is the goal that EIV is always aiming for.

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