Teacher Tara Evans

Tara Evans

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  • Sakura Montessori – English teacher (2022 – present): Tara Evans is currently teaching at Sakura Tam Trinh teaching kindergarten.
  • Public schools – English teacher (January 2021 – 2022), Vietnam): She has just started working in Vietnam after relocating. She teaches primary school children in public schools. She deals with classes as large as 50 at a time.
  • Whales English – English teacher (Oct 2020 – Dec 2020, Vietnam): She worked for Whales English for 3 months before relocating to Vietnam. She taught kids aged 4-16, again at varying levels. Whales operates a booking system where parents select the teacher based on their preferences for their children. She had a very high booking and retention rate, as well as a high sign up rate for my trial lessons.
  • DadaABC – English teacher (Jul 2017, China): She worked for DadaABC on their Freetalk programme. She taught children aged 4-18 at a range of different levels. The programme focused on speaking skills, specifically fluency and correct pronunciation. Lessons were one-on-one so she was able to tailor lessons to the specific needs of her individual students.
  • LandiEnglish – English teacher (Jul 2017, China): She taught children at 4 different levels, from ages 4-12. Lessons were one-on-one or two-on-one and contained a range of different learning materials. Her lesson rating was almost always 5 out of 5 stars and her booking rate was around 95%.
  • ITutor Group – English teacher (Apr – Jul 2020, China): She worked for the online TEFL company ITutor Group. She taught children and adults at a range of different ages and levels. She taught one-on-one lessons, or group lessons of up to 6. She maintained a rating of 9.7 out of 10 or higher for the duration of her employment. She was regularly favored by students for regular lessons. She made the decision to leave ITutor as they were unable to offer her a sufficient number of hours.
120 hours TEFL Certificate
Distinction Human Rights Law LLM (University of Bristol)


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