Teacher Mohamed Samir (Sam)

Mohamed Samir (Sam)

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About Teacher

Mr. Mohamed Samir is from Turkey. He has a bright appearance, a friendly and cheerful personality, making him easy to collaborate with. His teaching style is impressive, he conveys information in an understandable way, and he is beloved by students. He creates a joyful classroom atmosphere and has experience teaching students of secondary and high school levels, handling large class sizes.


  • June 2021 – present: Teachers at private classes at EIV, Pasal center

Teaching English for adult students

Teaching IELTS online

Create lesson plans based on the syllabus and teaching materials.

  • May 2022: Teachers at Academy of Policy and Development

Preparing lesson plan based on the book “Speaking for IELTS”

Teaching IELTS speaking class for university students

Testing students at the end of the course.

  • Sep 2020 – May 2021: ESL Teacher at Hermann Gmeiner School

Teaching English to students aged 12-16 (grade6 to grade 10)

Create lesson plans based on the lessons given by school and Access book.

Improving the skills of speaking, listening, writing, reading.

Write up, prepare course material and handouts.

Preparing and marking for tests and final exams.

  • Jun 2020 – Sep 2020: ESL Teacher at EIV Education Hanoi

Teaching conversational and specialized English to students at a variety of levels. Preparing classroom and coursework materials, homework assignments, and classroom management.

Teaching private 1-on-1 business classes for adults

Teaching students across all disciplines of the English language (Speaking, listening, reading, writing, grammar and its functional uses)

  • 2019- Jun2020: Full-time English teacher at Fairy Dream International and THT-I English center in Thai Binh Province, Vietnam
  • 2018-2019:

Volunteered as an English teacher at Funny English Club in Nam Dinh Province, Vietnam

Full-time English teacher at Touch English in Nam Dinh Province, Vietnam

Public School, English centers: Maika, TUOI THO, Hoa B.Trang, Tho Ngoc, Gau Truc, Sao la, Vang Anh, Sao Viet (Nam Dinh)

Public School, English centers: Olympus 1, Olympus 2, I Link Truong, Mam Non Thi Tran Ba Sao (Ha Nam)

Part-time English teacher at TH.Academy Center in Thai Binh Province, Vietnam – THT Nam Dinh, Vietnam.

Advanced Certificate in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) – 160-hour Course
Bachelor of Arts from the Department of Faculty of Arts, Oriental Languages. Hebrew Language and Literature Branch (Alexandria University)


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