Teacher Anou Mrtrsyn

Anou Mrtrsyn

2040 giờ
160 học viên
30 bài giảng
Đặt lịch học

About Teacher

Anou Mrtrsyn is a French teacher, who used to teach at the University of Civil Engineering. Have experience and skills in teaching Ielts.


Hanoi University of Civil Engineering (2022)

  • Teaching Ielts for first year students.
  • Enhance English speaking skills for students.

 ESL Teacher (08/2018 – Present)

  • Pedagogic studies to understand and adapt kids
  • Assimilate and adapt Vietnamese culture and language to teach better according to schools different requests.
  • Understand that my high proficiency level in English language is not enough, teaching is the point.

CEO of C’est Lily

  • Gather a professional team for R&D.
  • Make profits in both B2B and B2C markets.
  • Selling soap to IT, Hotels or Construction companies.
2021 TEFL, TESOL Certificate
2021 IAE Jean Moulin Lyon 3 Master Degree in Economics University – Moulin Lyon 3


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