Teacher Natalie Byleveld

Natalie Byleveld

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About Teacher

Natalie Byleveld is a native South African teacher with 3 years of teaching experience in Vietnam, particularly in preschool education. She is capable of instructing students from primary level to working adults. Natalie is young, cheerful, and exudes enthusiasm during her teaching sessions. Her voice is pleasant and gentle, making it easy for her to engage students, especially the younger ones. She possesses all the necessary qualifications and legal teaching certificates. Furthermore, she has a genuine fondness for children and consistently brings high energy into the classroom.


2019 – 2023: Math & Science Teacher at Public Schools

– Create lesson plans and modify accordingly throughout the year

– Grade papers and perform other administrative duties as needed.

– Integrate competencies, goals, and objectives into lesson plans.

– Utilize curricula that reflect the diverse educational, cultural, andlinguistic backgrounds of the students served.

– Teach students how to apply mathematical principles to solve problems, including equations, word problems, statistics, and binomials.

2018 – Now: Private English Tutor for Adults

– Utilize various curriculum resources.

– Prepare classroom and course materials.

– Research new teaching methods for teaching English as a second language.

– Collaborate with educational staff to provide a positive learning experience to students.

– Assign homework and interesting exercises.

– Identify students with special requirements and create individualized plans.

2020 – Now: English Teacher at Aten Language School, HCM

– Prepared lessons on a variety of English topics, including reading, writing and speaking.

– Developed exciting lesson plans for students based on age group, preferences and English understanding.

– Created effective teaching strategies for students based on individuals needs to ensure learning development.

– Updated learning resources to achieve curriculum goals.

Apl 2010 Bachelor Degree in Industrial & Systems Engineering
Aug 2023 120 Hour Advanced TEFL (Teach English as a Foreign Language) Course Certification

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