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teacher Lawrence
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About Teacher

Teacher Lawrence is extremely passionate about teaching English. He is  well suited for all ages including children, teenagers, and adults. He is capable of creating a positive and engaged classroom management. Besides EIV, he had experiences teaching at Phuc Nguyen Academy in Da Nang. He is always willing to learn new things to improve his teaching ability.



-Providing a complete English immersion experience by explaining topics, vocabulary, and concepts solely in English

-Providing private classes to teenagers and young students from kindergartens to high schools

-Created lesson plans based on Cambridge Curriculum – English, Math, and Science.

-Collaborated with the academic department to plan and implement differentiated and bilingual lessons.

English Teacher / Phuc Nguyen Academy

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam  

-Taught lessons focused on phonological awareness in the areas of reading, writing, speaking, and listening for students ages 3 to 12.

-Teaching English for students who need to improve pronunciation and speaking skills

-Delivering English lessons for students aged 16- 35.

-Reviewing and assessing each student’s comprehension,

listening, speaking and writing skills after each lesson.

TEFL Certification / Norwood English 
         Bachelor of Science / BA (hons) Acting – University of Wales 


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