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About Teacher

Horst Murrad has been an English teacher for over ten years. During this time he has gained considerable experience in teaching English as a foreign language. He is an accomplished teacher with extensive experience for developing curricula for English language and cultural classes. He has an exceptional background in designing meaningful and effective coursework that engages students and expedites learning.


National Economic University (2020 – present, Vietnam): Incharge of IBD programme. Design lesson plan and teach year 1 and 2 university students

Thuong Mai University (2016 – 2019, Vietnam): In charge of the Introductory course to TOEIC for first and second-yearstudents, (Listening and speaking)

Thang Long University (Mar 2014 – Dec 2015, Vietnam): Incharge of the IELTS programme

Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam (Feb 2014 – Oct 2014 Vietnam): In charge of the IELTS programme for first-to-fourthyear students

IS-VNU International School (Oct 2013 – Jan 2016, Vietnam):Teaching speaking classes at IS School at all levels with a special focus on IELTS speaking skills

Apollo English (Aug 2011 – Feb 2014, Vietnam): Taught lessons encompassing a range of skill-building activities for speaking, reading, writing and listening. Created daily lesson plans for Young Learners and multi-level adult ESL classes

Konrad Adenauer Foundation Vietnam (Jul 2006 – Jul 2008, Vietnam): I was in charge of all projects related to adult education. Coordinated cultural awareness courses for Vietnamese citizens planning to study in Europe.

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CELTA  Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Language .Fluent in English and German. Basic Vietnamese.
1990 Grammar School Darwin, Australia..
1996 Political Science, University Goettingen, Germany


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