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About Teacher

Archie Richards – ​I am a first-class English Literature and Language graduate with a level 5 TEFL qualification. I am highly adaptive, having experience working with many different children and young people with a huge variety of needs, ages and personalities. My friendly, enthusiastic, and fun-loving demeanor makes me incredibly approachable for children, allowing my teaching to be dynamic and engaging.


Liverpool College Prep, Liverpool (September 2022- present): 

Learning Support Assistant/ one-to-one tutor – Through this job I have gained invaluable experience working within a school setting whilst providing behavioural, emotional, and academic support for children with a myriad of learning difficulties. These include but are not limited to: SEND, ADHD, ACE children aged between 7-11. My responsibilities go beyond this; I cover lessons in any subject across key stage 2, hold a pivotal role in the school’s forest school, and develop my own syllabuses for children who require my academic support.

Freelance English Tutor, Online (January 2023-present): 

A few months after leaving GoStudent I was contacted by one of my former students asking if I would be willing to tutor him privately in preparation for his GCSE exams. The fact that he came to me rather than using the company through which he had previously found me indicates the high quality of my teaching abilities as well as the rapport and comfortable atmosphere I am able to build with students.

GoStudent, Online (March 2022-November 2022): 

English Tutor – During my time with GoStudent, an online tutoring company, I took on numerous students between the ages of 6 and 16, tutoring English. The huge range in ages provoked a varied and dynamic approach to my teaching that was tailored very specifically for each student and their needs

Tutor Trust, Online (March 2022-June 2022): 

For a few months alongside my work with GoStudent, I worked for the charity Tutor Trust who offer free tuition to disadvantaged students in the Liverpool, Manchester, and Leeds areas. Through this work I was able to further develop my strong communication skills whilst gaining initial experience in face-to face teaching.

Coachbright, Liverpool (January 2021-June 2021):

Over the last academic term I volunteered for Coachbright, a charity that pair disadvantaged children with university students to tutor them on core GCSE subjects. I had no previous teaching experience but over the course of the 12-week period my lessons and teaching methods rapidly improved. I finished the 12-week course with a Coachbright bronze award for tutoring and hope to gain my silver in the coming months.

2022 TEFL Level 5 qualification –  i-to-I TEFL 
2021 Bachelor Degree in English – University of Liverpool


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