Customer feedback when learning with the native English-speaking teacher of EIV

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“Learning English with EIV’s One to One program gives me more confidence in communication and is a useful tool to help me reach to a next level in my work; It opens up a lot of career opportunities for me in Vietnam thanks to good foreign language skills. EIV’s foreign teachers are not just teachers, they are also friends who help us learn a lot from the developed country..”

Ms. Phi Van – Tour guide

“Thank you for your support, I strongly believe that training from EIV, especially from Mr.Christianis really helpful for me. I’m happy and I believe that attending “One to one” is the right choice to me. Talking face to face with native teachers everyday really improved my skills and made me feel more confident in the real test
Thank you very much. !!!!!!!!”Võ Hoàng Vinh – Bank’s Staff
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“Dear Steven

I can’t believe I’m graduating. I’m so excited and wanted to stop and tell you how much I appreciate your help over the months. You were patient, inspirational, and actually made things fun. Thank you so much for everything. I won’t forget it!


   Lan Anh- student of UEF

“As a former overseas student, I understand that learning English abroad is a good opportunity to practice listening, speaking, reading and writing skills as I will have the opportunity to interact regularly with foreigners. However, I chose One-To-One program at EIV before studying abroad. This is a method that saves me time and money but still guarantees the effectiveness of learning because the class has only one native English-speaking teacher and a single student. By the way, I also thank EIV for helping me complete my studies abroad”

Ms. Hoang Tram – Overseas students of SIM University, Singapore

y kien khach hang khi hoc voi giao vien ban ngu cua eiv eiv 389
y kien khach hang khi hoc voi giao vien ban ngu cua eiv eiv 77 “In just the first few weeks I’ve noticed that my speaking skills improved significantly and that’s exactly what I wanted to look for. So far, my English skills have improved a lot. I am completely comfortable in arranging my study hours to suit my daily working schedule. Thanks to EIV”

Josep Duc – Hotel Manager

“Mr. Hoang Anh – Head of Technical Department said: School hour is suitable for employees. The teachers are enthusiastic and qualified, the curriculum is suitable for communication at work. Strict study plan. “ y kien khach hang khi hoc voi giao vien ban ngu cua eiv eiv 694
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My daily job is to work directly with superiors who are foreigners. However, I am not confident in my English communication ability. After attending a one-to-one class at EIV for two months, my communication skills was improved significantly and I felt more confident, didn’t hesitate in communicating with my supervisor or any foreigner I meet ”

Ms.Yen–Head of Sales Department

 Blue Ocean Preschool – CCGVNN customers of EIV

“When we open English classes with native English-speaking teachers, we must consult parents and collect extra tuition fees to put the curriculum to the schools. It is both a commitment to quality improvement for our school, but it is also a problem that we are extremely anxious”

It is very difficult to recruit foreign teachers according to the desired quality, the recruitment of teachers makes us very headache in procedures, papers, etc. But luckily, we happened to know the EIV company and were willing to sign contracts with your company at a higher price than self-recruitment. However, all problems were resolved, we do not have to worry about the teacher getting sick or other problems without a substitute teacher, EIV will care all, not as before. Our school is prepared not to profit from the difference between student tuition and teacher salary. What we need is quality teachers, so that the lessons are more and more innovative, without the need to find, replace, compensate or take care of paperwork. We expect EIV to sign a contract to provide foreign teachers within the next few years, because with EIV we believe there is a guarantee of the supply and management of qualified foreign teachers.”

Center of fire protection equipment District 1 – Business training

Through the English cource supported by the Company, my English qualification has been significantly improved under the guidance of Mr.Jeremy Elisha – a teacher from EIV Company. Through the classes, we talked about culture, lifestyle with the teacher, so we both learned and relaxed. We would like to have such classes”


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