Tailor-made courses


We hope that our introduction to the “One to One” course has given you an insight into the course’s benefits and advantages. At EIV, we do our best to provide the most professional and effective courses for our customers.

In addition to the Super Minds program, EIV also uses different resources to create the most effective course.

What is a tailor-made course?

The tailor-made course is designed to fit each student’s ability and purpose. For example:

  • Pushing the studying progress by adding more studying hours in a week
  • Combining Primary course to practice speaking skill
  • Having extra activities time
  • Developing certain skills

With One to One, we help students develop social skills in addition to linguistic skills. Moreover, we accept all types of requirements from customers to create the most quality programs for our students, especially young children.

Why tailor-made course is a trend?

Instead of studying a certain curriculum, students at EIV will have a chance to study courses that specifically focus on their abilities. Our consultant, who has a profession in education, will guide you in choosing the course through:

  • Personalizing the course
  • Optimizing Primary strategy
  • Creating the course with careful preparations and reliable sources
  • Saving money
  • Ensuring promised result

What is the fee?

Fee for One to One:

Requirements for tests and personal courses: content creating 6 USD/hour + Primary price

The same price to the previous package: special courses in IELTS or Business 5USD/hour

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