Quotation and payment method

  • Customer agrees information on school schedules, study time, foreign teachers and counselors of EIV.
  • Carry out a contract between the two parties, the customer pays the tuition fee
  • EIV arranges foreign teachers to suit the needs of the students. Schedules and location of teaching and learning is according to the customer’s arrangement.
  • EIV commits to the quality of teachers with good pedagogical capacity, ethics, character and professional knowledge as required by the students.


  • The rates may change due to special requirements for teaching locations or teacher.
  • For contracts with more than 100 hours, the rate (excluding VAT) is reduced by 5%
  • Rates are applicable to units located in Hanoi, Danang and Ho Chi Minh City
  • The minimum course is 60 hours, if the student does not attend the full amount of time of the program, EIV can not commit the quality of the output.
  • The total cost of the course includes: placement test fees, curriculum costs, tuition fees, transportation costs (teacher’s costs), certificates, reports, examinations during the course of study and costs for support services.
  • Curriculum costs include copyright books, CDs, necessary documents and learning tools during the course. The actual curriculum cost is based on the number of students attending the class.

* The price is not for business English training
Sign the contract and deposit: 
EIV works on the principle, when signing the labor contract, customers pay 50% of the contract value and after one month, the customer pays the remaining 50% of the contract value.

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