teacher Thomas Henderson

Thomas Henderson

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50 học viên
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Ali Academia (March 2022 – Present, Italy):

I teach mostly adults and high-school students preparing for the Cambridge Assessment English exams using official Cambridge-approved books as well as games, conversations and technical linguistic tuition. The classes can be groups or one-to-one, online, offline or hybrid. I also invigilate real exams in our Cambridge-certified exam centre. Sadly, I have to leave Italy soon due to complications with Brexit.

Apex Education (August 2021 – February 2022, Ukraine):

During my time at Apex, I was sent to various primary and secondary schools around Kiev to teach high quality lessons to grades 4-10. I created an atmosphere of excitement through my

passion for language while my students practiced new words in real conversations and games.

Likeshuo (June 2021 – September 2022):

Duties include teaching English to classes of Chinese teenagers and young adults, maintaining a good internet connection while always looking presentable..

Kornkaew Montessori School (November 2019 – July 2020, Thailand):

For the Thai academic term October 2019 – April 2020 I worked in a Montessori kindergarten in central Bangkok. I designed and taught every English lesson for every student in the school, prepared materials, provided teacher assistance in other lessons and organised games in the playground. When schools closed in March 2020, we went into lockdown. On the 1st July the students returned and I taught for one more month but had to return home due a catch-22 at immigration.

Anuban Kamphaeng Saen School (May 2019 – October 2019, Thailand):

For the Thai academic term May-October 2019 I worked at a Thai state primary school in a small town. I was given a class of grade 5 students whom I taught every English, maths, science and health lesson they had. It was my responsibility to design each lesson, prepare materials and teach in a fun engaging way.

iTutorGroup (February 2019 – April 2019):

Duties included teaching English to mostly Chinese students aged 4-18 online, maintaining a good internet connection while always looking presentable.

First Leap (October 2016-December 2018, China):

I helped over 400 students aged 2-12 advance from beginner to intermediate levels, provided fun and rewarding lessons on vocabulary, sentence structure and practical application. Planned for lessons, crafted teaching aids, assessed students’ abilities, organised and performed in extracurricular activities and maintained a tidy and disciplined workplace. For my second year, I was promoted to ‘Junior Instructor’ upon which I was given the additional responsibility of advising other teachers.

Feb 2016 BA music performance/composition

University of West London

SKE (Subject Knowledge Enhancement) English Language
Dec 2015 120 hour TEFL Certificate