Teacher Reinhart Smit

Reinhart Smit

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About Teacher

Mr. Reinhart Smit hails from South Africa and possesses over 3 years of teaching experience with students of various age groups, ranging from preschool, elementary, middle school, high school, university, businesses, adults, IELTS test-takers, and children (middle school to high school age). However, his most suitable age group is typically from middle school onwards.

He has a youthful and sophisticated appearance and is known for his dynamic personality. He is always ready to work and takes a proactive approach to his job. Mr. Reinhart is diligent, disciplined, and maintains a high level of professionalism, offering support to EIV’s personnel throughout their work.


Fulltime teacher at EIV Education Hanoi (2019 – Present)

  • Currently teaching at Newton Grammar School (high school) – Hanoi
  • Currently teaching business English for adults – Company HOANTT
  • Currently teaching at Pasal and Talk class – English for young adults and
  • working people
  • Currently teaching at Hanoi University of Civil Engineering and Academy of Policy and Development – Hanoi
  • English Centers (IEC, LA, Excel, Children’s Palace,…)
  • Bill Gates School – Hanoi
  • One-to-one household tutor to students who need extra attention in English as a language as well as history and culture.

English Teacher at Scots English Center

  • Giving IELTs classes to students aged 3 to 18 years old
  • Holding creative activities to promote student’s learning and creating smart methods to student
  • Examining and testing students of all levels in their English ability using Oxford and Cambridge syllabus
  • Teaching mixed-ability students in the English language.

Vinh University – Vinh City

  • Taught secondary students at school directly under Vinh University
  • Improved class management and skill in running a class at school

English Teacher at Clever Academy – Soc Son

  • Preparing English lessons for primary students
  • Teaching English through songs and games.
  • Preparing physical activity classes through English.
  • Building students’ confidence in speaking English.
  • Organising events and activities for the students

English teacher at Minh Quang company

  • Teaching in many different schools in different areas of Hanoi
  • Write up, prepare course material and handouts.
  • Keeping up to date with developments in the world of teaching.

English teacher at The English Mentor – Times City

  • Teaching communication English for students aged 5-14
  • Focusing on 4 skills including reading, speaking, writing and listening

English teacher at Ms Le Thien Ly’s School

  • Designing and teaching creative lessons for kids 8-14
  • Teaching focus on pronunciation, vocabulary and grammar
  • Writing weekly lesson plans to deliver on specified syllabus topic.
2015 BA (Hons) Art and Humanities (On-going)
2020 TEFL Certification (120 hours) 
2015 Academy of Contemporary Music, Pretoria, South Africa


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