Vera Kozak

teacher Vera Kozak


Intern at Global Tapestry of Alternatives (2021-2022)

  • Focused on connecting communities and NGOs through webinars and newsletters.
  • Carried out a six month long research project with the members at the GTA in order to get input on next year’s community projects and workshops

Lead at PeaceJam Europe Youth action group (2015-2022)

  • Have been leading the organiser team at PeaceJam where we run workshops and conferences for children and young people all around Europe to develop positive community action skills
  • Volunteered as a mentor for young people at PeaceJam, a conference focusing on youth empowerment, community action and peacebuilding through creating safe workspaces for young people in Europe
  • Facilitated groups of young people to aid their understanding of how to build, sustain, and maintain peace in their home communities
  • Edited the newsletter, and later recruited and mentored a group of Romanian young people to help them run the project

Green office project lead at Wise Ltd, Budapest (2019-2020)

  • Independently set up the running of an environmentally friendly office from creating food waste management and recycling; green events such as ‘Cycling to work’ company benefit programme; and hosted charity fundraisers to establish a sense of strong community in our growing office
  • Worked in a small team and gained experience in coaching, motivating and goal setting both for shorter and longer terms

Fundraiser at UNICEF UK, Bristol (2018-2019)

  • As the representative of UNICEF UK, I held responsibility to professionally persuade the public to become long-term regular donors to UNICEF
  • Edited weekly motivational articles as an extra responsibility to keep the team up to date about international charity news
  • Created a friendly and energetic professional environment through organizing regular team building activities for our diverse team
  • Gained strong resilience and self-motivation skills by being outdoors all day engaging with the public in various cities across the UK

Model United Nations chair and organizer (2010-2018)

  • Organised seven model UN conferences in Budapest, HU and York, UK
  • Recruited team members and chairs for committees and organised team work based on where the diverse individuals thrive
  • Made sure team communication, timing, conference opening and closing schedule was running according to plan
  • Booked venues and created partnerships in the hosting cities.
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