Omnia Darweesh

teacher Omnia Darweesh


ESL Teacher at National Economic Universiy (October 2022 – present)

ESL Teacher at Chuyen Ngoai Ngu Highschool (September 2022 – present)

Secondary school Teacher at ULIS Middle school (December 2021 – present)

ESL teacher at Gems Edu (Dec 2020 – May 2021)

  • Took part in the educational process of kindergarten and primary school students . Conducting activities and lessons based on ESL teaching methodologies.
  • Keeping accurate records of student performance.
  • Maximizing students’ talk time through oral tests and presentations.

Kindergarten teacher at Schools Elite – Language Link (Sept 2020 – May 2021)

  • Comprehensive knowledge of curriculum and instruction best practices within early childhood education including the integration of technology to support learning.
  • Effective classroom management through the application of fair and consistent standards, routines, encouragement, and appropriate sanctions.

Elementary Teacherat Vinschool in Da Nang, Vietnam (July2019 – May 2020)

  • Worked with a diverse group of students with different backgrounds and learning styles andabilities
  • Used project-based assessment to allow students various way to express what they havelearned
  • Following a student-centered methods in deliveringlessons

ESLTeacherat Vicare Kim Son Language center,Hanoi (Oct 2018– Feb 2019)

  • Coordinated lessons for classes ranging from 5-15 students
  • Combined students’personal interest with lessonobjectives to createstudent specificactivities

Elementary School Teacherat GraceInternational School, India (Nov 2016– April 2018)

  • Working with students on improving their accent,Intonation, and Pronuncation
  • Practicing the reading, listening and conversationskills
  • Preparing lesson plan for each class accordingto theiracademic level
  • Administered tests and completedevaluations in order to analyze students performance
  • Formed relationships with parents by planning for and leading parent-teacherconferences
  • IELTSTrainer at Britfort English Hub,Malaysia
  • Preparedlesson plans and conducted activities that target confidence, perception, vocabulary building, pronunciation practice and grammar
  • Worked with students in small group of 3 or 4 to help develop their basic reading and writing skills which helped them improve test taking and studyskills
  • Introduced innovative lesson plans and teaching tools that increased student IELTS test score bothindividual and collectively
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