teacher Lorenzo Scalise

Lorenzo Scalise

Tefl Certification
838 Hours
83 Students
23 Lessons
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Hanoi Adelaide School Ha Dong Campus (August 2022 – present):

  • Teaching a full course load and satisfying extracurricular responsibilities as defined by administration (including maths, science courses)
  • Planning, preparing, and teaching well lessons which enthuse and inspire students and promote enjoyment of learning
  • Effectively and appropriately differentiating instructions so as to meet all students’ learning style with an appreciation for students’ learning differences
  • Selecting and sequencing appropriate materials, resources, and approaches according to the course content and areas of learners.
  • Maintaining effective classroom management
  • Assessing, tracking and providing relevant and timely feedback on achievement and developmental needs to students and managers.
  • Marking all students’ tests and updating the score on the school’s shared folder
  • Writing reports on students with clear formative comments by defined deadlines given
  • Completing administrative tasks as defined and by set deadlines.

Kid City Supervisor: Boise Parks and Recreation (August 2021 to May 2022)

  • Supervised 25-30 kids grades 2nd to 6th (ages 7 to 12) daily.
  • Created games and activities for the kids to do after school while also helping with homework when needed.
  • Worked with faculty and parents on a variety of situations involving the kids.
  • Wrote reports and managed four other staff members.
June 2022 Level 5 TEFL Certificate

The TEFL Academy

June 2022 Bachelor of Arts, College of Arts and Sciences

University of Wyoming