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Understanding the high demand for English tutoring with native teachers, EIV has established the “One to One” program with the motto “Focus Goal”. With “One to One”, is proud to provide quality teachers with innovative teaching methods to satisfy every student’s needs.


  • 100% native teachers coming from English-speaking countries (US, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand…)
  • Teachers are qualified with a global teaching certificate such as TESOL, CELTA, ITC TEFL, etc. and teachers have experience in teaching linguistic for foreigners.
  • Teachers have a linguistic degree and other degrees in additional (businesses, economics, computer sciences, etc.)
  • Teachers will not only help students become better in class but they will also talk to students about life and other aspects.


An individual program is designed based on the criteria:

  • Student’s goal: Levels (Kids, High school – University), Major (Business, Media, Technology, etc.), Skills (basic conversation, interview, writing paper, etc.), Certificate (IELTS, TOEFL, TOEIC, SAT, GMAT, GRE, etc.)
  • Student’s level and ability: suitable methods will be used to improve student’s current ability (age, ability to comprehend, level, personality traits, etc.) Information is used in the program comes from recent and most quality source ( The Business, Business Explore, Communication Strategies, Bino, Our Discover Island, etc.)
  • The program is easy to approach and applicable. The methodology for studying is various and creative, which helps the class become exciting and students will learn better
  • Time: Studying time is flexible and students can choose the most suitable time for their schedule to make studying time effectively
  • Place: Students can choose to study at EIV, the workplace, or home.
Thanks to One to one individual, EIV is proud to be a pioneer in providing private tutoring with native teachers in Vietnam.
One to one group is suitable for students who want to experience an energetic and friendly studying environment. Moreover, studying the program is designed to be suitable for every member’s ability and goal. The maximum members of a group will be six and the members can be: friends, family, colleagues, etc.
This program is for people who want to improve their skills in a short time for an English certificate. Students will learn with teachers who have experience in judging Cambridge standardized tests, which will help them develop overall skills.
One to One Business is the collaboration between One to One individual and English for Business, which is designed for the company’s leaders. Beside providing native teachers and teaching English, One to One Business is special in that it is included with courses with major-specific.

Our customers’ satisfaction

is our greatest success

My son clearly shows development after his course with a native teacher at EIV; he is now confident in reading books in English. His grades at school also improve a lot. I am lucky to find a suitable learning method for my son. My son is good at all four skills and I think that I have found a perfect environment for my son to study English. I plan on continuing this method with EIV.
Le Thu Trang (Anh Khoi’s parent – Hanoi)
I have a good time studying English with Ms. Shebby and EIV. Thanks to Ms. Shebby, I gain more interest in studying English.
Bui Van Thanh (Director at “Mat Troi Moi” law company)
My children are studying at an international school. Therefore, I study English to help them with their homework and to be able to understand the teachers during parent meetings. It is so convenient that I can choose to study time for myself, which allows me more time to take care of my family.
Tran Thi Thanh Huong (P2010 Vincom Tower, 114 Mai Hac De, Hanoi)
Dear EIV I can't believe I'm graduating. I'm so excited and wanted to stop and tell you how much I appreciate your help over the months. You were patient, inspirational, and actually made things fun. Thank you so much for everything. I won't forget it! Sincerely,
Nguyen Trong Khanh - (60, Trung Kinh street, Cau Giay, Ha Noi)
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