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Hà Nội: 091.999.1088 (Mr. Quyền)

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The course specializes and focuses on communication skills in English and is entirely taught by foreign teachers.

>>> One-To-One English.

>>> Provide native English teachers to family and individuals.

Whether you study English in many different forms but the primary goal of learning English has always been to communicate fluently and confidently .


Eng Com



  1. Practice for thinking and fast reaction in English.
  2. Focus on applicability to real life situations.
  3. The curriculum is flexibly designed, extra lessons related to each student's specialized career: customer service, finance, marketing, receptionist and so on.
  4. Improving pronunciation skills, use of words, sentence structure while speaking students.
  5. Listen and correct errors for each participant, to use Standard English in the first place.
  6. Improve vocabulary and communicate fluently in daily life situations.

Course purposes

After the course, students can:

- Formation of English thinking, fast reflexes, communicate fluently

- Communicate with intonation, pronunciation the same as native speakers

- Improve vocabulary of many areas

- Communicate in English with many situations in daily life

- Know how to use the sample sentences, phrases and idioms are often native speakers use when communicating

Teaching methods


- Learning is exciting and fun with the wide range of topics

- The learning environment is comfortable, friendly

- Maximize the interaction between Vietnamese students and foreign teachers

- Focus on guidance for each student, to capture students' errors and edit


100% native English teachers have good teaching skills, enthusiasm, has many years of teaching experience.

The class size

<12 students


The Daily English Communication programs

Composed of two levels: the basic communication (for beginners to learn English to communicate) and

Advanced communication (for people with good basics to improve and perfect communication skills)

Learning Unit



Units of Time

Level Comparison

Basic English communication






8 weeks - 24 sessions - 36 hours

3 days / week - 90 minutes / session

IELTS < 3.5


8 weeks - 24 sessions - 36 hours

3 days / week - 90 minutes / session

IELTS 4.5 - 6.5






Advanced English communication 


8 weeks - 24 sessions - 36 hours

3 days / week - 90 minutes / session

IELTS 6.5 - 7.5


8 weeks - 24 sessions - 36 hours

3 days / week - 90 minutes / session

IELTS > 7.5








Minimum of two months for each level, the equivalent of 36 hours of study.



Time of classes: Mon-Wed-Fri or Tue-Thu-Sat from 18h15 - 21h30



Students are awarded certificates in English communication at EIV by level after completion of the course, certified together with the comments of the foreign teachers.



Between the exam and the final.


Placement test:

Students are classified according to the level based on tests directly with foreign teachers.


Career Opportunities:

After completing the course, students can reach the advanced level and pursue careers in the environment mainly use English. However, in order to achieve success in high positions, they can be considered English communication course work.


If you want to find out more about the program overview, curriculum and schedule, please click on the link below:


Cảm Nhận Khách Hàng

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  • Cảm Nhận Giáo Viên

Ms Tram - One To One student

Ms Tram - One To One student

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Ms Yen - One to one

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Blue Ocean Preschool - EIV's customers

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William Feirkert – From Miami, Florida, USA

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Jeremy Pearce From Australia

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Alex McCarl - From Portland, Oregon on the west coast of the U.S.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Native English teachers are those who come from English-speaking-as-first-langugae countries, including United States, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and so on. Read more ...
EIV commit to provide high quality native English teacher, our teachers are qualified with international certificates and degrees. The syllabus is personally designed to meet customized requirements. EIV is the market leader in providing quality foreign teachers throughout Vietnam, we always respect our reputation and our commitment on our quality. Read more ...
If your company delay the course during a long period, please confirm EIV at least one month in advance and we will have make-up lessons for your company. In case that the company does not confirm to EIV, your company will be provide a maximum 2 weeks of make-up lessons. Read more ...
Students are completely active in choosing study time and venue that is most suitable to your study. This program is appropriate to those who are busy and have lack of time to travel to foreign language centers. If there is any change in time and venue, please inform EIV one week in advance. Read more ...
You can request to change teacher up to 3 times in 2 first weeks of the course until you can choose the best teacher for you. However, the case of teacher changing rarely happen at EIV as we have a proffesional process of teacher recruitment and we ensure the teaching quality. We commit to bring you the best quality from the very first lessons. Read more ...
Read More
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