Native Teachers At EIV

Our team of experts - professors and teachers dedicated to education, are quietly every day to contribute their strength and skills and their expertise - towards a future - an education support Vietnam Men better, with a generation of Vietnam the English, fluency in English to reach more background great knowledge of mankind.


Mr. Ricky David Turner

Location UK 
Honorary Bachelor of Law (Northumbria University UK), Certified International TESOL TESOL 
Teaching Experience 
As a lawyer, but with the passion of his teaching, Mr. Ricky David became an English teacher at Norwich University and Fullerton Business Systems (USA). Additionally, he was the English department chair at Pacific Business Resources, Fiji Pacific International school (USA) and Innovative International College (Malaysia) 
"What I like most about the program EIV is modern, rich and flexible for different learning objects. This has effectively brought the teaching and learning of English "


Mr. Eoghan Quinn

Location Ireland 
BA in English (National University of Ireland), Certified International TESOL CELTA 
Teaching Experience 
With rich experience in teaching English at colleges, universities and English language centers in Ireland, Germany, South Korea and Vietnam, he is considered good professional teacher morale and specialized Industry. 
"For me, the progress of each student is always the biggest goal in my career and I will teach you EIV help Vietnam to learn English as the most effective way"


Mr. Marcus William

Location USA 
BA English (Davidson College, USA) 
Teaching Experience 
Mr. Marcus William served as advisor at Merrill Lynch Financial and AXA and the CFO in Sustainable Communities imitative, he also taught English at Dong Cheon Elementary School (South Korea). At EIV, teachers are experts in English training in finance and economics for the company's reputation in Vietnam. 
"I want students receive training methods and different dynamic, always happy with what I bring to them."


Mr. David Sabin

Location USA 
Bachelor general education sector (St Louis Florissant Valley Community College) 
Teaching Experience 
Mr. David not only have experience teaching English but also mathematics and science teachers in the school application Ritenour Sr High School (USA). In Vietnam, Mr. David had three years together with the members of EIV class. 
"Glad I could contribute to the progress of trainees. I'm really happy to see you succeed in learning English through "


Mr. Barney (British)

Hello, I'm Barney comes from Liverpool, England. I have a Bachelor's degree in English Literature and the University of Lancaster, international certificate CELTA TEFL and ITC of Manchester, UK. I've been training teachers for Thang Long University, Institute policies and development with over 2 years experience teaching English in Vietnam. I chose The Fes because I want to help students here to fulfill their abilities in a creative environment and vigorous. I like traveling, sport - I have visited some 30 countries around the world and experience many different cultures



Mr. Thomas Banner (British)

Teaching IELTS, Business English. 
Planning and Delivering print accordance with the curriculum lessons outlined by the center, each adapting to the level of ability and learning styles of khác Particular classes



Ms. Lauren Murphie Smith (American)

Bachelor of Liberal Arts in Music- University of Iowa, USA
Certificate in Entrepreneurial Management
TEFL Certification
Grammar Awareness Certification


Mr. Nigel Strongitharm (British)

Postgraduate Diploma in Legal Practice – The College of Law
Bachelor of Laws- University of Reading-UK
TESOL/TEFL Certificate - Qualification for teaching English as a foreign language


Mr. Matt Williams

Location USA 
BA (Honor) in History (University of Leeds, USA), Certified International TESOL CELTA 
Teaching Experience 
Master William is foreign teachers from America. He graduated from Leeds University with a bachelor's degree in history and achieved CELTA. Not only knowledgeable US and European history, he was particularly interested in education. As a young man he often spent time practical experience by living and working in many countries around the world. He taught school for children volunteer at the Peruvian, Peru. Also he was a manager in the office of the University of Leeds. 
"For me, there is no joy in seeing her students progress every day"


Ms. Jennifer

Location Canada 
Bachelor of Education (University of Montreal, Canada), Certified International TESOL CELTA 
Teaching Experience 
She participated in teaching English in secondary schools and universities in Canada. In addition, she also worked at companies and large organizations such as Investment Industry Canada Regulatory Organization of Canada (IIROC), Weston and Accenture. To Vietnam, she taught English at the English Language Center at large as well as primary schools, level 2 and level 3. 
"This is the work gives me a lot of inspiration, help me open up the eye and have very different experiences."


Mr Steve Hill (British)

CELTA – Cambridge teaching accreditation
BA(Hons) English Langugae and Literature, Leeds University
Higher Education Foundation Certificates, English language (Distinction), Mathematics (Merit), Human Biology (Merit), GCSE’s in English (B), History (B), French (C), Theatre Studies (A*), Religious Education (B)


Mr Fergal McGee (British)

Completed 120 hour premier TEFL/TESOL course certificate
 Bachelor of Science (Honours) Computer Service Management Letterkenny Institute of Technology
 Bachelor of Science in Computing in Information Technology Support – Higher National Certificate in Information Technology Support – Letterkenny 


Mr Eric Faucher (American)

Bachelor Degree in Urban Planning
University Of Quebec At Montreal
Tefl Certification
Specialist Modules: Teaching to Large Classes, Teaching English to Young Learners, Teaching English with Limited Resources, Teaching one-on-one.


Mr Gunnar Bergstrom

Master of Business Administration at Stockholm University
B.A. Concentration: Middle Management Assignment as auditor and manager in a financial/administration department.
TESOL Certification


Mr. John James North - US

One of the English teachers of EIV leading specialized, often teachers are selected for training in specialized courses on the business of the enterprise. 
BA in Education - daihocbang Pennsylvania 
• Pennsylvania Teachers Certification 2006 (Social Studies) 
• Level 2 Louisiana Teachers Certification 2011 (Social Studies) 
• 160 hour TESOL / TEFL Certification Specialist, Global Leadership College 2014



Mr. Michael Cook

Bachelor Marketing - Paris School of Business. 
With teaching style focuses on receiving capacity of the participants, I usually trust in charge of the course with highly specialized nature, require the follow up of teachers and students. In just two years living and working in Vietnam, he has taught at more than 20 schools and businesses throughout Vietnam. 
"When I was studying business I never thought I would end up teaching English in Vietnam. Now, I could not imagine doing anything else but teaching. I really enjoy teaching English and I Thrive To become better at teaching every time I teach."



Mr. Ross Ninnes

Nationality: Australian 
Experienced teacher in faculty of EIV. 
His expertise is communication training.


Mr. Patrick Boyce - Irish

TEFL Certificate (120 hours online) 
German, B1 level, Irish, B1 level. 
Trinity Entrance Exhibition Awards 2010 
All Ireland Scholarship Winner 2010 
As a language specialist, classroom teacher also shared the lessons and interesting story related to language.


Ms. Camilla Blom Dieu

Nationality: Denmark 
Bachelor design. 
Graduated in design, she often gave Camilla additional innovative activity high in his class. To date, she has taught throughout the kindergarten, elementary and high school around HCMC and received very good feedback from the young learners love


Ms. Alvina Labsvirs

Nationality: British 
• Language Corps USA, 114 Hours TESOL, August, 2014 - September, 2014 
• A1 ASSESSORS Award - 2008 
• Post Compulsory Education and Training (FENTO 3) Qualified Teacher 
Status 2004 - 2006


Ms. Michelle Whyte - New Zealander 

TEFL / TESOL Certificate 
Beautiful female teachers often selected teaching programs for children. Besides, she was particularly concerned about the health activities to improve community health.


Mr. Andrew Paul Bennett

Nationality: British 
One of the most beloved teacher of EIV. 
Not only is an experienced educator in the field of teaching and TA TA communicate majors, he is also known for close playful personality and passion for people - the country of Vietnam


Ms. Kayla Murphy - US

Bachelor of Arts in Education 
ESL Starter 
Beautiful female teacher with lively teaching style, creativity and fun. Special teacher is the favorite young learners. 
I love children and spending time with added in any capacity at - ask for their spirit and liveliness excitement for teaching my Fuels.


Ms. Myckaela Kujacznski 

Nationality: American 
Certifications CTEYL 
TEFL International TESOL and Training. 
Female European-American teachers with varied teaching methods, professional training is suitable for all ages, all curricula.